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Premier Auctions was commenced in June 1985 by David Eaton, in association with a Parent Company. This Parent Company owned one of the oldest auction sites at Teneriffe in Brisbane. This site had been occupied by an Auction House in different forms since the early 1950s.When the original Auction House re-located in the mid 1980s it seemed logical to continue an Auction House on the site and thus Premier Auctions was formed.Premier Auctions quickly became one of the major Queensland Auction Houses, working in close association with many of the major Accountancy Firms, Banks, Financial Institutions and Government Departments.


In 1995 David Eaton bought out the other shareholders and became the owner and sole director of Premier Auctions Pty Ltd.Brisbane's rapid growth and urbanising of the Teneriffe precinct saw Premier Auctions re-locate to Enoggera in 1997, whilst still remaining on the fringe of the CBD.


Premier continues to offer its full Auction House services in a modern and professional way, specialising in corporate valuation, recovery and realisation.

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